ReImagining Money is a multifaceted research, teaching, collection, exhibition, event and publishing project by Max Haiven, Assistant Professor in the Division of Art History and Critical Studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Initiated in 2012, this project stems out of Max’s research on the cultural dimensions of finance capitalism and the radical imagination.

It aims to explore the incredible power and terror of money over global affairs and over our lives and grapples with questions of globalization, austerity, debt, economic literacy, poverty, finance and power.  It also seeks to open up spaces and times for thinking critically about money, and for fostering discussion and meditation about how we might transform money and the world towards the values social justice, peace and equality.

A conceptual overview of the project can be found here: http://artthreat.net/2013/06/art-money-project-max-haiven/


Max Haiven
Division of Art History and Critical Studies
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
5163 Duke St.,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3J 3J6
mhaiven [at] nscad [dot] ca
(01) 902 494-8261

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Máximo González "Basural sin paisaje" 2012 - http://www.maximogonzalez.info

Máximo González “Basural sin paisaje” 2012 – http://www.maximogonzalez.info